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A clearing session works by identifying the cause of a problem.  To identify problems (a program) I use a pendulum, charts and spiritual guidance to obtain information directly from the subconscious mind about the root program, and when and why it was established. Once the problem is identified, both the program and the symptoms (the expression) can be removed. Because many programs are established at birth, in the womb, or before this lifetime, SRT provides valuable insight about problems that cannot be explained by current life events.  SRT helps you reprogram your mind with positive ideas and patterns.

In addition I offer practical Life Coaching strategies to build self confidence, clarify decisions, and achieve happiness and fulfillment in your personal and professional life.

Present life - major negative issues - people or places involved.
Health problems- any phobias, allergies, recurring physical difficulties.
Finances, career challenges - current and repeated cycles blocking your prosperity.
Relationships: persistent or long standing difficult relations with parents, siblings, mate/s, children, boss.
Esteem: confidence and self image, recurring emotional difficulties or addictions.

Consultations may be performed in person ( Martinez, Calif.) or over the phone.  An audio cassette tape will be sent to you upon request.

Initial Session: 1 to 1-1/2 hours    
Fee: $120.00 per hour ($2/minute). Visa & Master Card accepted   
: or call 925 688-2330